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Design & Drafting Services

Besides Recruitment and Secoundment of technical specialists, Maula Consultancy Services (MCS) provides a comprehensive portfolio of process engineering and drafting outsourcing services to clients in a range of industries, including process, metal processing and manufacturing.

Our strength lies in our experienced team of skilled and talented professionals and innovative methodologies that meet our clients' needs and deliver their projects on time without compromising on quality. The work culture within our company is supported by positive attitude and strong core values, which contribute to the strong performance and high productivity.

We believe that, meeting and exceeding customer expectations, is the ultimate strategy that a company can have to succeed in the emerging market situations. 

It is our mission to set high standards of quality, reliability, cost effectiveness and timeliness and maintain these standards throughout every step of our working process. Our company policies include investment in cutting edge technologies, continuous expansion, flexibility and constant development in quality, quantity and scope of services.

Services Process Enigineering 
By using the mainstream 3D design software (Autodesk PLANT 3D and P&ID), we can offer professional design services and support to customers in fields of process engineering.

  • Experience in working on international standards like ASME, ISO and DIN. 
  • Use of quality process checklists, which ensure that the design output meets customer requirements 
  • We can customize our services to your existing standards and practices. This reduces the overall turnaround time and also reduces cost

Some of the services we provide in the area of process engineering are:

  • Basic and detail Piping design
  • Pipe Support Design 
  • Pipe Stress Analysis 
  • MTO’s
  • Piping layout and detail engineering drawings for process industry 
  • Preparation of equipment general arrangement drawings 
  • Executing Piping Studies 
  • Preparation of single line structure drawings and piping load data 
  • Piping Isometric drawings 
  • 2D Drafting 
  • 3D Pipe Design 
  • As-built documentation

CAD Services
Our CAD drafting team is highly experienced in the latest CAD/CAM technologies using high-end software tools, such as: AutoCAD 2D and 3D, 3D Studio MAX, Inventor and SolidWorks.

We can work from a variety of input formats, including paper drawings, hand sketches, DWG or DGN files, and provide you with customized CAD solutions. Output is provided in a format that best suits your needs and is fully compliant with your standards (including line types, line weights and usage of blocks). 

In the area of CAD outsourcing, Maula Consultancy Services offers 2D drafting as well as 3D solid modeling services.

Cad services we provide:

  • 2D mechanical drafting (layouts, “as-build” drawings)
  • 3D to 2D conversion
  • Shop/fabrication drawings
  • 3D solid modeling
  • Sectional views
  • Assembly interface check
  • Animation

Why Outsource
In order to be competitive in today's market, you need to offer your drafting and engineering services quickly and cost effectively, without making any compromises in terms of quality. Maula Consultancy Services (MCS) understands these challenges and will help you meet your particular business needs. When it comes to providing high quality outsourcing services, the combination of our global network, local Dutch office and our innovative business model, positions us to be the best partner for drafting outsourcing in Western Europe.

There are many advantages of using a professional outsourcing service provider like Maula Consultancy Services (MCS). Here are some of the benefits we offer to our clients:

We will assist you with your non-core as well as core activities.

By outsourcing your non-core activities to Maula Consultancy Services (MCS), you and your employees will be able to maintain focus on your core competencies, your areas of expertise and specialty, hereby optimizing your business processes and offering those services that serve your customers the most. 

We build on long term relationships with our clients in order to become an extension of your business .

Our business model includes thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and business processes, your business values and procedures, and performance and quality standards you adhere to, allowing you to rest assured that your projects will be executed in the same manner as when done by the in-house personnel, only with the advantages of outsourcing.

You save on labor costs as you don’t need to employ a large number of in-house personnel.

Saving money may not be the foremost reason for you to outsource, but it's certainly a major one. Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs, releases capital for investment elsewhere in your business and gives you competitive edge in terms of prices you charge for your own services.

You gain flexibility 
With Maula Consultancy Services (MCS) assisting you, you will be able to accept additional and larger projects while saving time on getting started with the accompanying work. Handling the same projects in-house might take weeks or months to research and evaluate options, purchase and install equipment and technology, hire the right people, train them and provide support to everyone involved.

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