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Piping Engineer


The Piping Engineer reports to the Section Leader Mechanical.

General job description

Execution and coordination of the work relating to the domestic and mechanical piping systems, for ships and motor yachts under construction, in an efficient and timely manner. This involves providing the proper documentation for purchasing, production and classifying authorities.

Job responsibilities

1) Distribution of information

a) Supports and gives advice to the Section Leader Mechanical and engineering – and project team members

b) Supports the production coordinators and subcontractors with advice and solutions in the technical field during the engineering, outfitting and commissioning phases

c) Coordinates, directs and reviews the applicable mechanical design and engineering information for the assigned yard numbers


2) Engineering

a) Collects from others and studies all relevant information on the specification of the yacht, standards and regulations to carry out the applicable engineering activities

b) Creates systems diagrams, arrangement plans and combination drawings

c) Writes technical purchase specifications for materials, equipment and installations

d) Analyzes technical problems and comes to suitable resolutions

e) Performs required calculations of mechanical pipe systems according to the rules of classification societies and (inter-)national design codes

f) Checks (self-)prepared documents upon completeness, correctness, coherence, makeability and consistency with the related documents


3) Other activities

a) Maintains contact with (inter-)national authorities, classification societies, subcontractors and suppliers

b) Organizes and participates actively in meetings and draws up the minutes

c) Keeps informed of technical, rules & regulatory developments

d) Points out and presents proposals for product improvements and working methodologies.




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